Villa Pizzo

This incredibly unique villa boasts the tradition and the prestige of the aristocracy

A villa dating back to the XVI century, the complex comprises the manor house, a few complementary buildings and magnificent gardens with tree-lined roads, exotic plants, bridges and water features, expanding over 1 km along the Lake. Villa Pizzo is one of the most well-known villas situated on Lake Como and is a perfect choice if you are looking for quietness and refinement. As one of the largest and most private properties on Lake Como, it is popular amongst VIP clients, and has even hosted John Legend's wedding to Chrissy.
Cernobbio, Lake Como
Civil, Symbolic and Religious ceremonies
No on site accommodation
Use of indoor and outdoor spaces

Impressive natural elements juxtaposed with a modern glass house

Journey to your ceremony through an enchanted forest, following the shaded alley to the darsena hovering over the water with a 180 degree view of the lake and mountains, surrounded by stone statues, setting the tone of opulence. This is where it is possible to set an unforgettable ceremony overlooking the lake. Returning through the park, guests end their journey at the new glass house structure providing a modern edge situated at the center of the Villa houses.

Historical Notes of Nobility and Culture

In 1865, the villa was bought by Madame Mousard, eccentric queen of the Parisienne parties, indicated by many as the favorite of King William of Holland, who probably donated it to her as a gift. In 1871, Madame Mousard was forced to leave the house that was taken over by the Milanese Volpi Bassani family, who are the current owners.

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