Villa Grumello

A majestic Villa set in a century-old park on Lake Como, charming its visitors with harmony and a delicate atmosphere.

Surrounded by flower beds and lucious gardens, with a royal iron-gated entryway, this property has 5 rooms set within two levels for hosting elegant weddings overlooking Lake Como. Situated on the edge of Cernobbio, it's close to Como township which has direct trains to Milano and many options for accommodation and entertainment.
Cernobbio, Como
50-150 indoors with ceremony and aperitivo in the gardens
Symbolic or Religious. It is possible to complete the civil marriage paperwork of the ceremony in the Cernobbio town hall the day before.
Not within the venue but close to many hotels in Lake Como town or Cernobbio.
Indoors, with two levels available, both overlooking the lake with a sunset view.

Hidden features will surprise your guests

One of the few properties that has two parking lots and can provide for multiple event layouts, the Villa has an additional glass atrium accessed by a tree-lined pathway, a perfect location for ceremonies in case of bad weather or for wedding after-party. Our favorite hidden feature of Villa del Grumello is the private pier covered in vines, ideal for a private entrance to your wedding reception.

One of the first summer residences on the Lake

In some documents dating back to the 15th century the villa is mentioned with the name of Castellazzo, a residence surrounded by a vineyard and an orchard. The villa was rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century at the behest of the Milanese banker Tommaso D'Adda and became one of the first summer residences on the shores of Lake Como. Over the centuries there were various owners who succeeded one another until eventually the property was donated to the Sant'anna hospital in Como, before restoration and opening for private events.

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