Castello Durini

Built in the early 18th century, Castello Durini is a stunning example of Italian Baroque architecture.

Situated in the picturesque countryside of Como, the castle boasts impressive views, manicured gardens and an impressive ballroom connected to a labyrinth of event spaces that will take your guests on a journey through the event. Originally used as a residence for the Durini family, the castle has since been restored and is now open to the public for events. Guests can admire the beautiful frescoes, impressive sculptures, and intricate details that decorate the castle's many rooms.
Como Countryside
Civil and Symbolic
Use of Indoor and outdoor spaces

Castello Durini offers all the charm and historical refinement of its environments for divine weddings.

This magnificent residence with origins dating back to before the year 1000, has hosted several illustrious guests of the caliber of Parini, Rossini, Verga and the royals of the House of Savoy over the course of its long history. The architectural complex develops around an ancient late Roman tower with a succession of architectural interventions that lasted until 1800. Surrounded by a 300-hectare estate, a centuries-old park and a unique Italian-style roof garden in Lombardy, it sits on a hill that allows for a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding green countryside. Monte Rosa, Grigne and even Milan.

Castello Durini is one of a collection of family properties owned by the Durini Family that are used for cultural and private events across Como & Milan.

Inside, the splendid rooms are characterized by precious ancient paintings and very valuable furnishings, among which the famous Durini table stands out, the work of the sculptor Giuseppe Rusnati who created it in the mid-1600s In 1648 the Durinis purchased the title of Count of Monza from the De Leyva heirs, Luigi Antonio and Gerolamo, for 30,000 Neapolitan gold ducats, a title which was recognized with a diploma by the King of Spain Philip IV on 21 July 1652. With the descendants of Gian Giacomo II, the family members continued on to become members of the government of Milan and papal positions for Como as Cardinal Durini.

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