A Springtime Persian Wedding at Villa Cipressi, Lake Como

Our beautiful Leila & Rajeeb at their springtime Persian Wedding at Villa Cipressi, Lake Como. This incredibly romantic wedding captured the essence of love and commitment. The setting of Villa Cipressi on the shores of Varenna was breathtaking, with the stunning backdrop of Lake Como and the lush greenery surrounding Villa Cipressi.

The ceremony itself is steeped in tradition, with Persian customs and rituals being observed throughout. The bride and groom exchange vows under a beautifully decorated canopy known as a “Sofreh Aghd”, which symbolizes their union. Family members and friends gather around them, showering them with blessings and well wishes.

The reception that follows was equally enchanting, with delicious food, music, dancing, and laughter filling the air. The atmosphere was lively yet intimate, creating a sense of warmth and closeness among all those present.

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