Rebecca Vinova

Founder & Wedding Director

Como, Italy

With a 15 year career in Project Management, Art and Event Design, I bring a certain level of professionalism and organization to my weddings. As most foreign implants to Italy, I fell in love with the culture, food, architecture and yes, an Italian man too 😉 Since childhood, I’ve always been a complete sucker for love stories, and now I get to help couples design theirs.

I experienced being a destination bride in Como and the cultural divide was real. After trading corporate London for Como, Italy, I set out to create a wedding agency that could deeply understand diversity and implement cultural elements into the event. I love playing with colours, textiles, and physical decor to bring in nodes of the couples cultural background. Eventually, I also found myself performing as a Celebrant, also incredibly rewarding.

I only work with the best in the industry, who can demonstrate their talent whilst having a down-to-earth attitude, invested in your love story too.

Rebecca, Wedding Planner, Love On Lake Como

YOU DESERVE A WEDDING you’ll never forget