Liz Pavlova

Wedding Planner & Concept Designer
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Since childhood, I have loved to create beauty. Through my art it has always been a part of my soul. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, but my calling for wedding design was just too strong, and I pursued my wedding career intensely, fortunately finding immediate success beginning with a design agency in Russia.

I developed my event management skills but felt there was more for me to offer in artistic design. Through self study, I started learning different graphic design programs allowing me to incorporate this into my service as part of the conceptualization of the wedding event. I opened my own Wedding Planning Agency, in Russian. With the client we developed our future designs, I drew sketches of wedding venues and turned ideas into life with the help of my team.

In 2021, I closed the agency and moved to Los Angeles where I work with clients (couples and planners) internationally, planning and designing visual event concepts. Lake Como is a special place that provides a very authentic, beautiful and natural backdrop for a wedding. It is very important for me to capture not just the arrangement of decor, but also an ambiance of a future event. My sketches help brides and grooms to visualize their future design in a space and give them the confidence that their day will be the best day ever!

Positive emotions from clients is what gives me the strength to create and to be inspired. This is exactly what I work for! I am happy to be part of an awesome team – Love at Lake Como!

Liz Pavlova

YOU DESERVE A WEDDING you’ll never forget