Lake Como Wedding agency

Lake Como Wedding agency

Lake Como Wedding agency

a luxury and stylish affair,

surrounded by Natural beauty

and rich local culture.


We design luxury weddings in Lake Como and Northern Italy. Our design and production teams imagine the impossible and make our clients dreams become a reality by curating magical experiences for our couples and their guests.

Incredible Wedding Designs

Our Lake Como Wedding DESIGN Services

Renowned for its enormous natural beauty, Lake Como is surrounded by scenic mountains, elegant villas, and charming villages. The historic architecture and romantic settings can create a magical ambiance for a wedding. 

Obsessed with this historical and authentic paradise, each of our events are designed with our couples traditions, experience and personalities in mind, paying attention to the logistical details and creative expression.


Production Services

Our Lake Como Wedding production 

Our dedicated team can help make your wedding a reflection of your story as we have experience producing elaborate events that encompass traditions from around the globe. We’re here to produce a memorable wedding program that exceeds your expectations.

lake como wedding planner Cinderella Story

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

True Love Stories Never Have Endings

The Mezzinoi, Lake Como Wedding planner, Leila & Rajeeb
Love on Lake Como Cinderella Story Villa Aura del Lago

Experience the beauty of italy

with our Exceptional Venues 


We offer an extensive choice of Lake Como Villas that everyone dreams of but also have established relationships with owners of private estates, Chateaus and castles in other areas of Italy & France.



A highly skilled wedding design & production team

Here for you

Love on Lake Como offers event design that captures your uniqueness for an immersive guest experience within the beautiful setting of an Italian wedding.

With the team’s 15 years of experience in producing large-scale events and project management, we have a strong foundation for executing memorable and well-coordinated weddings.

We deeply understand the art of our creative networks, from design, photography, culinary, to ateliers, working with creative and grounded professionals.

You Deserve a Wedding

yourGuests will never forget